5 MOST Common FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY MISTAKES that ALL Photographers Make

http://www.artoftheimage.com – 5 MOST Common FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY MISTAKES that ALL Photographers Make Check Amazon’s LOWEST price on these excellent wireless r…

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  1. ManOfDeath567

    #1 is an interesting one, especially. I never agreed with Jared Polin’s
    no-flash theories.

  2. gary nunn

    why dont you ever post photos on your youtube videos, if your explaining
    do’s and dont’s why not show visually?

  3. Kay EY

    I like your videos. They are very helpful to me as a flash newbie. I
    understand you can make all sorts of things into unusual snoots, bounce
    cards, etc. I travel a lot so I have been experimenting with “crap lying
    around” to use for this.

  4. m3ntalcas3

    very good, a lot of times beginners don’t realize that the pros just use
    the simple steps you outlined here and make them more complicated by using
    more and bigger flash units but if followed, these are great for getting
    noobs on their way to using flash effectively.

  5. XHItube

    Thanks for your videos! I appreciate it a lot. I have a little request:
    Could you create a Playlist which specifically contains Tips/Mistakes/How
    to’s/Dont’s and Do’s/etc. videos? That would be awesome to keep it together
    for the future! Thanks in advance and keep up the great work! :D

  6. aesposito1989

    I just started using flash and I am enjoying the benefits of it! Thanks for
    the tips!

  7. Derek Peterson

    Not using fill flash was my biggest issue in photography for probably my
    first and maybe even second year of photography. Having a dedicated flash
    may feel funny using but it is needed in almost everything except when
    capturing that ambiance or capturing a panorama.

    FYI: if you are trying to learn lighting on a rainy day look up “source
    film maker” it’s a free program that I love using to practice light
    arrangements. Just be sure to have something like TF2 (also free) so you
    have something to pull models and maps from.