60-Second Photo Retouching — “Golden Gate Bridge”

In this photo session, I am turning the image into a stark and moody duotone, as opposed to enhancing the picture. I first convert it to a black-and-white picture with the “Polarizer” (to…
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  1. SagelightEditor

    I’m not sure who did the music. I picked it fom the Audio Swap feature of
    YouTube. it is nice. They have a lot of nice selections. They used show the
    title when you played the video, but ever since YouTube changed their
    format a few weeks ago, a whole lot of things have disappeared. If I can
    get YouTube to tell me in the info about the video, I’ll post it.

  2. balongpoako

    good day may i know who are the artist of your music? its great vid

  3. Weaslly Edmund

    dude….u do do it fast and i cant get anything from ur vid…btw, who are
    going for super flash editing pictures?

  4. z5hmg

    Looks like a great programme! I’m commenting though to ask what the piece
    of music is? (!) With this new youtube layout you can’t seem to check out
    detailed info about vids thanks, Tom