An Introduction to HDR Photography

In this session, Alan Kesselhaut will teach you about the gear, camera set-up and shooting techniques associated with HDR Photography. As well as a demonstra…
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    HDR is dead Give me an ordinary photography any day rather than this trying
    to make a silk purse out of sow’s ear.

    Unnatural looking pictures with bizarre colours and contrasts; this is
    progress is it?

  2. Ramon B. Nuez Jr.

    I have not seen the entire video yet. But I hear that Alan Kesselhsut is a
    awesome #photographer .

    Thanks +The Studio – B&H for the video.

    #latinosbehindthelens #photography #hdrphotography 

  3. MrEye4get

    This is the first time I watched a YouTube video longer than 30 minutes.
    This is a testament to a professional presentation packed full of critical
    information. I can’t wait to go out and try the techniques presented.

    The audience is obviously beginners who needed to listen more and talk

  4. Steve Stanger

    Are you new to HDR photography or looking for a refresher? Check out this
    video from Alan Kesselhaut and +B and H. I just had an opportunity to see
    Alan give this presentation in person. #photography #hdr 

  5. Upstreamswimmer

    I feel there is a basic counterfeit going on in this video and also in what
    is popularly becoming known as HDR photography. As Alan alludes to in the
    beginning, HDR is a method of overcoming the limitations of a digital
    sensor in order to produce something more akin to what the eye beholds. The
    same holds true for film by the way, in fact HDR began with film scanning.
    Having said that, he begins to show image after image that are not at all
    what the eye of anyone could possibly behold in nature. Basic HDR is a
    legitimate technique to produce an image with good shadow and highlight
    detail, something that is often not possible with a single shot. However, I
    must insist that the surrealistic images often produced with some popular
    HDR software be re-named. For instance: “Enhanced HDR” or “HDR Art.”

  6. Donald Carlton

    This is the kind of photographers that give HDR a bad rep. HDR is an
    amazing tool for getting photos as close to what eyes see. HDR has a stigma
    for looking fake because people like this guy over-edit them. Google
    “photorealistic HDR”. It’s not dead.

  7. BaddaBigBoom

    Thank you for presenting this, Alan, it has given me a lot of inspiration.
    Personally I have settled on a mixture of Photomatix (V4.2) and Photoshop
    HDR Pro (CS6). I like the dramatic effect that Photomatix produces, but I
    find that it can soften the images somewhat whereas PS HDR Pro retains
    sharpness and detail. I have been doing HDR for a few years now using just
    Photomatix and have only recently been combining aspects of the two. I have
    two or three examples up on Flickr – my name there is Photator.

  8. Jeff Singleton

    I don’t think it’s necessary to turn off autofocus when using a tripod.
    There is no gyro with autofocus and the camera should not try to re-focus
    between images. Image Stabilization needs to be turned off when on a tripod
    due to the gyro. Not autofocus.

  9. BradZChef

    I found myself wishing the class would quit interrupting long enough for
    the presenter to do his presentation!!! 

  10. artomatis

    thank you great tutorial, and HDR is amazing,when you know how to control.