Basics of HDR Photography

Basics of HDR Photography

Although Kai is not keen on doing HDR photography, we got many questions on Twitter asking us to do a guide on how to do HDR photography… here it is.
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  1. The Gods Right-Hand Man

    Doesn’t matter what you think of Kai, his voice and his presenting style –
    His comment at @ 00:44 as regards Earl Grey Tea was spot on . . .

  2. Vito Strat

    HDR is a wonderful tool if used correctly and in moderation. Otherwise it’s
    just obnoxious and headache inducing.

  3. MrEye4get

    Wait? HDR isn’t real photography? I guess real professionals only shoot
    in B&W with really expensive cameras.

  4. Riccardo1982

    most borind HDR pictures ever seen! I’ve taken MUCH bwtter scenes with my
    phone. The dude needs to choose his subjects more carefully. Ok the girl
    was cute…

  5. Max Janssen

    HDR is GREAT. It finally comes close to what the EYE can see!!!!
    Just go easy on the settings.

  6. Nathaniel Kohl

    Earl Grey isn’t disgusting!!! You’re English, for Christ sake!

  7. Ben's Mis-adventures

    I love how you guys take the piss but be serious at the same time:)

    Is Alamby Australian?

  8. Kevin Crivelli

    his disgust is hilarious! glad you didn’t find someone else to host the
    video that didn’t have issues with HDR. Much more fun this way. I’m still
    going to be doing HDR

  9. Jim Stiles

    HDR is not about what a photographer can do….it’s about what a computer
    can do..yawn.