Color Correction Tutorial: Tips & Tricks!

Using Magic Bullet, Ryan goes through the basics of color correction! Plus a new custom AD and torturing Bruno in 300fps!
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  1. Stick & Stone

    I still don’t understand all of this terminology. Highlights? Midtones?

  2. Electric Bacon

    So you teach us how to correct color, but then use a $300 program without
    using the name in the title? Seriously!? I thought this was a free program,
    so I was happy.

  3. Kolton Perschbacher

    For everybody asking about the program, and for those who can’t afford
    magic bullet looks. With stock after effects, and probably most editing
    programs. you can use the exact same things he uses. search in effects for
    saturation, contrast, and curves(thats the red green blue curvy thing)

  4. Silvercase Productions: Film Studio

    Made here in Pittsburgh, great fun to work production on!

  5. matty9460

    You c an get an unlimited free Colourista, but it’s pretty much three way
    colour correction


    Is it possible you can go over the process of coming up with short film
    ideas? cliches that need to be avoided or any common mistakes? i’m looking
    to enter a short film contest and I love you. josh.

  7. mphbwilliams

    the eyebrows guy makes me so deppressed. HE JUST WANTED A GIRLFREIND!!!!

  8. ClancyMorganFilms

    You should edit the sequence and then color correct. Usually you should
    nest you messy edited sequence into a new clean sequence then apply the
    effects. And yes premiere can do great color correction! It has a built in
    3 way color corrector, but you can also buy plugins for it like the magic
    bullet suite from red giant!

  9. spespespencer

    “Beatchuass”’’s from the Polynesian.. it’s new.. ..I don’t want
    to use it..