Color Correction

Nikki and Amber walk you thru the most common of color corrections, the at home box color!!! This video will help clients know what to expect when walking in…

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  1. sbbbjm

    this was awesome! loved the clear dissecting and addressing of each zone
    of hair. i think too many colorist resort to a global bleach bath and
    cross their fingers for the best. have u guys ever used Vanish or any
    other sulphur based color remover like the one Pravana makes? it removes
    the artificial dyes from the hair so all ur left with is virgin hair and
    the exposed underlying pigment. it may take a couple times to get all the
    artificial deposited color out – BUT it’s way easier on the hair than

  2. Shareece Alexander

    them brows are awful!!!!!! first thing you notice!!!! :0

  3. Mark Enoch

    So basically you made her dark, when she wanted to go lighter? She could
    have had that from a box.

  4. TVTTaekwondo

    Is that bleach being used? Will swell cuticle too much …. Use effasor