Color Correction/Grading Tutorial

EyeofMilan Here’s our much requested Color Correction/Grading Tutorial. We’re using After Effects for this one and some Red Giant plug-ins like Colorista II…
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  1. onenarrowdoor

    It would be rude not to subscribe. Fantastic production with nothing

  2. steve mcdonald

    Wonderful video on the art of DSLR Shooting Flat, color correcting and
    color grading. I am definitely following these guys: Color
    Correction/Grading Tutorial

  3. Sean Sandoval

    This is a fantastic tutorial very well done! It’s hard to find good
    tutorials. Where did you guys learn?

  4. WaxhugFilms

    Great video work and tutorial. loved the snow and summer effect 🙂 do you
    guys use uv filters on your lens? Thanks ill appreciate it.

  5. rom2014

    I’m curious, do you guys just edit your entire footage in AE as well, or do
    you transfer it over once it’s all colour graded/corrected into Premiere?

  6. SkintSNIPER262

    If there was a light source in a video and you needed to colour grade the
    video, how can you colour grade without changing the colour of the light

  7. Leonidas P

    Awesome! I love it! Great pace, awesome presentation, very informative, to
    the point, but you guys still got style! Like film riot. You don’t just
    utter some boring technical terms, you do it with style! You just got
    yourselves a subscribe!

  8. Emmanuel Andriulo

    A really good video that explain the difference between Color Correction
    and Grading and how to obtain them.Good work,thanks!

  9. Just Kailash

    Hello .. can i get a tutorial for this snow falling colorgrading and adding
    snow fall ?

  10. HonestArttsEntertain

    thanks. you guys def know what you’re doing, yet this tutorial was way too

  11. Chris Greene

    Hey guys, awesome video…but I’m only just getting started learning about
    editing and a lot of this stuff seems to go waaaay over my head. I don’t
    really know anything about contrast, saturation blues greens and reds
    balances etc. I get confused just trying to adjust the color settings on my
    PC monitor.

    And I’m on a very low budget – at the most I’ll probably be able to afford
    only Adobe Premiere and maybe one Red Giant plugin. I’m just wondering if
    you guys can point me to any more in-depth resources (books, dvd’s etc)
    that will take me from complete photo/video/optics noob and spoon feed it
    to me until I understand what you’re talking about in the video, and am
    able to do what you’re doing by myself?

    Cheers, and keep up the good work!

  12. simoroshka

    thank you so much! My videos still look shitty, but it’s a start. =)

  13. Alex Gray

    Good job, great video!! Although that looked pretty hard, I feel like this
    stuff is too complex for me. I’m brand new to this, I think I will try Red
    Giant’s mojo first before Colorista II. Thoughts on mojo? Thanks!

  14. Class Of 2030

    Very Very well done and Super well edited and helpful!! thanks Guys 🙂