Create an HDR Portrait with One Shot – PLP#82 by Serge Ramelli

Create an HDR Portrait with One Shot - PLP#82 by Serge Ramelli

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  1. Saurons Auge

    What you are talking about is not HDR. If you start from a raw file all you
    can work with is the maximum dynamic range of the camera when you took the
    photo. If you take multiple exposures, ideally in raw format, you have a
    lot more than that and it’s a real HDR.

  2. Fender66ch

    Where do I find the download of HDR Efex Pro 2 for “free”? Looks like they
    want to charge about 150 bucks.

  3. Kevin Johnson

    Way too much talkn, and you should say this is stupid Lightroom not

  4. Dries Mahieu

    HI Serge,

    Great video.
    Question: In this video you don’t touch the blacks and the white’s.
    normally you do this after shadows and highlights. why? thx

  5. Bobedwards dotSMUGMUGdotCOM

    Serge, love your videos! Can you maybe do a video episode on setting up
    your monitor? I know that probably sounds odd, but a good base to start
    editing your photos with will affect the final result of the edited photos.
    It seems my edited photos look great on the monitor but look much different
    on a laptop/mobile phone/printed paper. 

  6. pee cee

    Don’t mean to be rude. Actually, I like some of the “before” photo better.

  7. MrPrivatbruger

    Not one of your best tutorials, Serge. The result is arguably not pretty. I
    know you want to make a living, but spending 25% of the video on promoting
    your DVD’s is getting a bit much.

  8. Wilbmoore blackartist.

    Really great tutorial. And very easy to do. Thanks Serge. I’ve learned a
    great deal from

  9. angel altarib

    great tutorial like most of serge but in my opinion portraits on
    hdr…?always ungly

  10. Jack Hammer

    Yet another great tutorial Serge! Where did you get ALL the presets for HDR