Dave Black – Action sports flash photography 08

“Motocross up close” http://kelbytraining.com/course/dblack_action_sports/
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  1. IanGroganFilms

    As a photographer and a motocross guy, great shots. Would be nice to have
    some pointers on shooting in an uncontrolled race environment though. 

  2. Dale Wooten

    how about some advice and techniques for REAL WORLD motorcross shooting
    when you can’t direct the riders as they are in a race… 

  3. Victor T

    Hey what wireless triggers are you using? I’m using cowboy studio triggers
    and receivers. they work great for portraits because the sync speed is at
    1/160 and that SS isnt going to freeze anything. and doesnt need to be the
    one you have but its an affordable options available that would be awesome

  4. TCM photography

    Awesome shots, exactly what I am doing only with 3 speedlights on rallys.
    Thanks for making these videos & giving us a better insight into the
    different aspects of what you do.

  5. Ben Roberson

    The best examples ever. You are actually shooting and not just telling how
    to do it. Wow. Thanks. I also ride so this is exciting. Thanks Dave.