DSLR Basics: Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO

http://www.PhotoExtremist.com/ This photography tutorial shows you how to use a DSLR camera by showing the fundamentals (Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO) an…
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  1. Jon Pranzetti

    Great job, I thought there was nothing new to learn but i was wrong .
    Thank! Aperture is what i needed

  2. Jim Newland

    Things I think I already knew but is the best info. I am saving this to my
    desk top:)

  3. Atikah Surriani

    bejar dasar fotografi lagiiii… 😀 i’m lovin’ it.
    DSLR Basics: Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO

  4. WestCoast Keish

    Thank you for this video!!! I’ve had my dslr for over a year now and never
    really used it because I thought all of this was too confusing. Now I’m
    excited to get out there and shoot!

  5. d4v3y01

    Great video. One thing I need clarifying – In my mind, if I want an image
    with as wide a depth of field as possible with minimal noise, I should set
    the camera to a really low ISO (low noise) and make the aperture as small
    as possible (DOF), and compensate for the low exposure by making the
    shutter speed really slow. *Assuming the subject and camera are perfectly
    still*, will this combination produce a high quality low noise image? Or
    does a slow shutter speed also reduce image quality vs a fast shutter
    speed? Thanks

  6. Fred MyOpinion

    This guy has the same speech problem which I have which is he has to think
    before he talks. He doesn’t talk fluidly, with ease, nor with clarity nor
    depth. He somewhat meanders, stutters, looks up and down, scratches his

  7. rich smith

    THANX A TON I have the NIKON COOLPIX P520, I am kinda handicapped, (MS),
    so I can only use my right hand, This bridge camera has every adjustment
    (oddly enough), you just educated me on, I built A/V systems for a living /
    hobby, but now, since I became ill I needed a new hobby, I love this
    camera, TY TY TY for the help!!!