DSLR Camera setting for Outdoor Portraits. Tutorial on how to choose your Setting Order.

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  1. Rochelle Crowder

    Very informative. Getting to know my DSLR & this really helps me to get out
    of the auto mode.


    1/60th of a sec is not that bad especially if your lens has Image
    Stabilization, its 1/30th and below you should really start to worry about.

  3. Shaelene SV

    Thanks for the info! I got my first DSLR 5 days ago and your videos have
    helped me tremendously. I love how informative and relevant they are
    without the “bla bla bla” we all hate. 

  4. trinicaro1

    I’m new to photography, just got a canon t3 rebel and your tutorials are
    helping me so much. Very descriptive and extremely informative. Great work

  5. Nonoy44Mag

    Master Jib, on this video when you select your setting,do you pay attention
    on the metering light? reason for asking is because when you make a changes
    your metering light move’s from left to right.,does it have be in the 0 or
    middle all the time.?

  6. testingthisacount

    How do you take a full body of a person and the backrounds still blurry? Do
    you use a aperture 2fstop to blur the backround but still have the full
    body of the person. Also what lens are you using to make the aperture
    2fstop because im useing a SLR nikon d3200 with a 18-55mm lens and it can
    only go to 2.5 and its still not blurry

  7. PhotographersOnUTube

    Sorry, the video is kind of long. Let me know if you guys want me to reduce
    the size of my future videos. I’ll try not to go too much into details.
    Thanks! Please thumbs UP the video if you learned anything new. 🙂

  8. PhotographersOnUTube

    There is a video on it called How to focus anywhere. Thanks for watching!

  9. PhotographersOnUTube

    Yes, you have to shoot in manual mode or in aperture mode you use exposure
    compensation to adjust the shutter speed.

  10. buidoi72

    Jabran, love your videos! Thanks so much for doing these. I’ve learned SO
    much from you. Please keep them coming.

  11. Keri Wildsmith

    Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that I love your videos! You are very
    easy to follow and in just 45 minutes I have learned so much! I’m excited
    about my next shoot and normally I am pretty nervous! Thanks a ton and keep
    the videos coming!

  12. usarmy87

    Nice Photo Display, But I felt they were a little Cold or Bue-ish. I choose
    my ISO first too. I try not to go beyon ISO 800, If I have to, then I need
    to add light. Thanks For Your Tutorial. ( Canon 7D )

  13. briced707

    You Are Freaking Amazing Bro! Great Work; Great Tutorials! Keep up the
    awesome work! B.

  14. PhotographersOnUTube

    Not a good idea to mix 5 topics in 1 video specially if there is already a
    video on White Balance. If you’re shooting in RAW picture style is also
    irreverent. The picture has to get edited no matter what where it takes
    about 3 second to edit white balance. There is a video fixing white balance
    in post processing as well. Combining all those topics together would make
    this video around 35 minutes.

  15. PhotographersOnUTube

    @absonigra Thanks man! I appreciate that. Well, D3100 is not weather
    sealed. Check the manual to see the warmest/coldest temp you can use this
    in. You def don’t want to take that chance.

  16. buidoi72

    Thank you for the great tutorial! I was always unsure as to how to go about
    choosing the correct ISO. Now it makes perfect sense. Keep the videos
    coming! I’ve learned so much from you.

  17. Rinmori Fuentes

    Your videos are really amazing! I just started learning photography and
    your videos helped me a lot. It’s really educational, precise, clear, and
    take note not boring. hehe. thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge to the
    public. please do continue uploading videos. God bless and more power! 😉