Editing Portraits and Wedding Photos – SLR Lounge Adobe Camera Raw Preset System V5.1

More Info: http://www.slrlounge.com/camera-raw-presets.
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  1. maya Anwar

    Hello, I’m just getting into wedding, parties and bridal shower
    photography. I usually do commercial shoots and its not a problem coz
    things don’t usually move around and you have time to change your lens from
    50mm to whatever you want. But now when I’m shooting weddings I find my
    changing lens like crazy!! I have basic 18-55mm, 50mm and a 70-300mm. Are
    they ok or should I get something that will not make a fool of me. Please
    help. Maya

  2. LucyBelle Photography

    Awesome video! Definitely took something away to use for my own business!