Environmental Portraits, Jason Wallis: How’d They Do That?

Environmental Portraits, Jason Wallis: How'd They Do That?

Adorama Photography TV presents How’d They Do That? featuring Jason Wallis. In this episode Jason Wallis tells us how he shoots amazing environmental portrai…
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  1. TheInvisibleCactus

    I just found your channel. I am so happy to have found it. It’s so helpful.
    Thanks so much!

  2. Indiegaze

    You guys have some great videos! very informative. But can you please get
    rid of those disgustingly cheesy intros with the creepy voice?

  3. Danté Bell

    Mark & Jason, thanks for sharing some of your thoughts on photography. My
    wife’s gonna kill both of you because I’m leaning back toward the Profoto
    Lights! Those shots in Kenya are just, well, beautiful. Nice work.

  4. JAHnoOtoko

    Excellent interview Mark, and I want to congratulate Jason for serving
    through the ONGs. God knows that your talent is being well used. God bless
    you 🙂