Food Photography: Salmon Main Course

I prepare and photograph a salmon dish using two strobes.
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  1. Angus Yuen

    nice video. I guess the DOF blurry the lemon behind. If I want
    everything on the dish sharp and clear, what’s your advice ?

  2. Vicky Pham

    This video was very helpful, especially when you explained why and what you
    are adjusting on the camera. Thank you!

  3. benny4legs

    Really enjoy your unpretentious and friendly style and appreciate your
    efforts. Thanks. Would love to see more :)

  4. mohamed abdel-hady

    i think u needed more light from the front side also the right region of
    the frame is too dark

  5. jetsonjoe

    I love Salmon…one of my most favourite foods…it is just so wonderful
    Really good presentation…excellent…thanks for sharing.

  6. Forrest Tanaka

    @lancecadena I think I was viewer #1, so you get first viewer credit! The
    first camera view you see is just a cheap Sanyo HD camcorder, while the
    detail shot is the 5D Mark II with a 24-70 f/2.8 you see at the right in
    the wide shot. I used just the Sanyo on the shoot, while the 5D Mark II was
    busy taking the actual shot. I recorded audio on the 5D Mark II in the
    preparation part, and on the Sanyo in the shooting part.

  7. Forrest Tanaka

    If I remember right, in the first attempt the entire scene was too dim.
    Raising the ISO brightens the entire scene while raising the power of the
    flash only brightens the part being illuminated by the flash, plus a bit of
    other things from reflections. But I think the primary reason in this case
    was to make the shoot go quicker for the video. Also, the scene is very
    well lit, so the ISO at this range leaves a very clean image.

  8. Forrest Tanaka

    @Tuddis86 That depends on so many variables, like the image quality at
    various ISO levels, the available light level, etc. I used ISO640 which on
    a 5D Mark II is fairly low noise generally, but it might not be on your
    camera. Any ISO is noisy if the light is low. Really you’re always trading
    off noise, strobe power, light quality, light ratios, and it all changes
    even with the same equipment as conditions change. You just have to try it.

  9. The Ake Yukong

    Great tutorial, i really enjoyed your video. It’s easy to lean and very
    helpful for beginner like me.

  10. Lance Cadena

    btw I love your multi cam setup!!!! what cameras and lens are your using on
    each camera?

  11. mohamed abdel-hady

    i see some food photographers doing bills and whistles on the lighting but
    since i saw loooots of videos on food shooting i guess u need a main light
    and a fill light at the opposite side and that’s it

  12. Forrest Tanaka

    @gerald2003r A good choice would be to up the power of both strobes, but in
    videos I usually try to save time (thought that may be tough to believe).
    At that point, it was quicker to raise the ISO than raise the power of both
    strobes at the same time. Of course, raising the ISO makes the whole scene
    brighter while raising the strobe power only makes your subject brighter,
    but in this case the whole scene and the subject were the same. Noise is
    the only issue in this case, but it was a fine.

  13. Amir Chen

    Thank you for all the great “how to ” videos. I have learned a lot about
    products/food photography from them. Is it possible to do one about jewelry

  14. Lance Cadena

    I was viewer number 2 LOL….very nice Forest. I think you have a great way
    about you when doing your videos.

  15. mpmytube

    thank you Tanaka! awesome tutorial! Congratz for setting up the food style
    a well!