Getting SHARP GROUP Photos

In this video, I go over the various items, posing tips and settings you would need to photograph a large group of people. These are essential tips in making…
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  1. Raju Nagarajan

    great advice.. nice video explaining also the non-tech. stuff while
    shooting people.
    Can you share the light source info, pictures of those, model# etc. That
    would help an amateur like me..

  2. arodprn

    Great video dude. I’m shooting a party and while I do take nice photos with
    bokeh and such, I just need your thoughts. I’ll be using a Nikon D7100 with
    a 50mm f1.8, which will operate like a 75mm on the cropped sensor. Should I
    go wide open to f1.8 to shoot two people on a backdrop? or should I go f5+?

    I also intend on shooting with a 35mm f1.8, which will operate like a true
    50mm on this cropped sensor.

    I’ll also be using an off camera flash ( with softbox ) for highlights and
    the built in flash for fill.

    50mm or 35mm? and what else you can think of.

  3. Alex Knisely

    mr rossi
    i have a group shoot of about 100 people (marching band)
    any staging tips. i need one like my profile pic and one on the field

  4. Qelasta Aleq

    do we need use DOF calculator to measure distance “infocus subject” from
    front to back?

  5. Traci Szalkowski

    What if you are photographing 13 people with no lights – just an external
    flash? Possible to get all in focus? Love the step stool idea!

  6. arnoldgd84

    Great tips. I was wondering if you have a tutorial video on how to set up
    your lighting equipment for event photography, what you would need and how
    to get that constant lighting.

  7. William Washington

    Great Tips! The cell phone comment made me laugh because it’s so true.

  8. Tasfia Hasin

    Hey, which type of lenses are good for group shots? I’m new at this, but I
    want to learn more. And you’re amazing. Keep up the good work.

  9. elmarce1983

    What kind of advice could you give us to do this while night time??? and in
    a bar or a party? Thanks in advance :)

  10. Eric Raimondi

    Hello Eric, great video tutorial. I have a question in regard to one
    particular image. The image of 20 + subjects, which displays at 1:30
    minutes into the video. Can you explain a little more about the exposure
    settings for that image. Such as, what was your shutter speed, ISO setting,
    and lens focal length? Also if you can explain more about the single point
    focus method for that image? Specifically, did you use focus lock, and if
    so, where did you place your AF point within that group of subjects? Thank

    Eric Raimondi -

  11. Andrew H

    I have a question about the last photo you showed. If you have two rows and
    the ones in back are standing and the ones in front are sitting, does it
    matter about the elevation difference in the subjects? I know that the ones
    sitting in front are in one plane and the ones standing in back are in the
    second plane, so you would use roughly f5.6 depending on focal length etc
    but which face do you focus on since there is such a difference in eye
    levels? Thanks

  12. Castiel Diallo

    If I were as short as you , Eric, I would use a ladder too. Seriously,
    elevation is something I swear by for group photos.

  13. Meeshosaur

    Ok I don’t know what’s going on with YT and Google and their updates but it
    seems I can’t reply to our conversation. THANKS million Eric, now I have a
    clearer view, that’s helps me a lot. MUCH appreciate :)

  14. paige ross

    what was your lighting in this image, any tips when using studio lights for
    group images ? 

  15. Eric Rossi

    Lol I do know what you mean. I have a few videos planned, just scheduling
    with models and getting the time has been the only thing pushing back the
    shoot. But soon! As for focusing, I shoot for the person in the middle. It
    will then balance out and give you what needs to be in focus front and

  16. oasisbeyond

    Question… Who do you focus on? First person in middle? Or a little back?
    Do you focus on the eyes with 12 people… Great Channel, keep up the good
    work and please show us videos of you in action! If you know what I mean! 🙂