How It Was Shot & Edited #2 – Sunset Wedding Portrait

Oliver Pohlmann from We Are SO Photo talking you through how this sunset wedding portrait was shot using off-camera flash. Don’t forget to click ‘subscribe’ …

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  1. Brielle jacobs

    Awesome video. Did you have the flash directly on them? How did it not look
    crazy since you didn’t use a soft box or etc. Excited to try this!

  2. Cliff Smith

    Awesome tutorial, man! Really appreciate the information and, more so, the
    manner in which you deliver it – Straight up, real life, no arrogance(s)
    and associated “I’m soo great” attitudes; just good solid information.
    Thanks very much!

  3. Jonathan Arrowsmith

    fantastic video thanks love how informative it is just started out in
    photography myself and been doing studio work most so used to strobe
    lighting just need to learn how to use my camera flash sb900 for my nikon
    d7100 not in t/l auto mode.

  4. David Gaffney

    Thank you for this, just what I needed.
    Can I just ask did you use a normal flash gun with trigger and umbrella off
    to the right of your position, or did you use a portable flash unit?
    Many thanks.

  5. Victor Campano

    How did you set that “wedding wash effect” where you were messing with the
    tone curve as a preset?

  6. Marco Vazquez

    nice video, great idea to shoot at a higher shutter in order to get sharper
    images. I’m going to purchase battery powered strobes soon. Do u suggest

  7. dossip dan

    I have watched lot of photography improvement videos on youtube, and must
    say this is one of the best ones… very informative and sequentially
    explained with no detail missed !

  8. Angel Medina

    Thank you for explaining the detail process of the shoot. Many paid
    tutorials lack of how they take the shot with specifics. I have learned
    something new today ….thanks!

  9. reneesasha

    This is just the information, that I needed!! for a upcoming evening
    wedding!! Thank you!

  10. Sonya Forbus

    Thanks sophoto, I took notes! Great stuff. I will have to listen to this
    again. One question: What editing software are you using? 

  11. Lindsay Lee

    Way to go. I have been watching videos all day to get tips on flash and
    wedding photography and this is hands down the most helpful video I have
    come across. Thank you for the info and I am off to watch all the rest of
    your vids! 

  12. adclawrence

    Hi Oliver.

    Was flare at all an issue in this shot? You’ve managed it well obviously.
    If flare presented a problem in this shot, how did you resolve it?


  13. Amanda Wilson

    Beautiful! Such a natural picture. Their expressions are perfect. Love the
    background capture. All wonderful

  14. juuonse

    Oh gosh, the setting is beautiful….but that flash REALLY could’ve used a
    soft box of some sort. Those shadows are really harsh and the seems to just
    enhance the paleness of the groom =/… Also, is it just me or does the
    flahs make the ground around them all white?

    I might be nit picking and commenting afterwards with plenty of time to
    look at the picture is easy. But IMO getting constructive critical feedback
    is the only way to improve.

  15. Martin Robson

    I don’t know what Canon camera you were using but by shooting at 1/200th
    you were using I presume near the max shutter speed for non high speed sync
    flash. Also although not deliberate by underexposing for the ambient light
    you have given more saturation to the sky – looking at the non edit version
    of the photo it was your flash power that was slightly low.