How to Color, Brighten and Sharpen Eyes in Photoshop!

phlearnmethod – Photoshop Made Simple. Download Your Free 5 Pack Today – Make eyes look amazing in Photoshop. If you have ever seen amazing eyes in a photo there is…
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  1. Phlearn Photoshop & Photography Tutorials

    In today’s episode we show you how to use the natural colors of an eye to
    enhance its color depth. You will also learn how to properly dodge and burn
    an eye to make it stand out.

  2. Hoss EV

    everytime i try to zoom in on a photo it gets all pixlated. how do i fix

  3. FatTyrant

    “Im not an eye-ologist” hahaha great tutorial man keep it up! :D

  4. Charmefis

    This channel is the absolute best on YouTube for learning Photoshop. Thanks
    for a great tutorial :)

  5. Dylan Walker

    Sorry, what did you say at 9:43 “That’ll make a ……..” I didn’t
    understand the rest. Any help please? Thanks

  6. Brian VENTH

    Awesome tips man… The desaturation before using high pass is a good tip,
    I wasn’t really aware that when I used this sharpening method that it had
    an effect on the colours… But I checked it out on an image and yep, there
    is a small amount of colour in the details not just that blueish overlay…
    Thanks man that helps a lot :-)

  7. Alpha Code Ex

    +Phlearn Photoshop & Photography Tutorials , I really want you guys to do a
    video on making the hair look wet, as if gel or hair cream is applied to
    it. Is possible ? if it is, please do a video on it. BTW, you guys rock and
    this video was really cool .

  8. Dash134

    You guys are the best … you do the best photoshop tutorials on youtube
    ……. thanks !

  9. Scirollo

    Great tutorial, You should be a prof for this. I’m starting to get back in
    to photoshopping after stopping 2 years ago. Been doing it for 6 years

  10. Timor Kuliev

    The second sharpening method if you didn’t get it the first listen like me
    🙂 :
    -New Layer – PC (Ctrl + Shift + N)
    -Stamp visible – Command-Option-Shift-E (PC: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E).
    -Disaturate – Shift-Command U (PC: Shift-Ctrl-U)
    -Easy to follow from here

    Great Tutorial, Thanks!

  11. Nika Boyce

    Just found u and subscribed almost immedistely… you learned me up some
    stuff AND made me laugh… what more can you ask for! (winks)

  12. Emmet Dallat

    Guys, omg I’m so happy I found this channel!
    Can I ask, when using the sharpen tool, why did you not directly apply it
    to the image.

    I also never knew you could use the sharpen tool on a layer containing
    nothing, so thank you!

  13. kachina schill

    Thanks so much for all the free tutorials it has made such a difference in
    my work in a very small amount of time… only found you a week ago…. and
    the difference is MONUMENTAL!!

  14. Kah Deh

    You should make one to enhance real dark irises. You know, the type of iris
    that’s such dark brown it looks nearly black. That’d be interesting to
    watch O 3 O

  15. Oscar Chueco Rodríguez

    You make things look awesome, really keep it up guys!