How to Color Correct Video

In this training video we take a look at how to read color scopes and monitors, use color correction tools to fix your footage and use secondary color correc…
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  1. Eric Carter

    Thanks for the awesome tutorial. Every single video I have seen on YouTube
    and even on the Lynda website talk about colour correcting and they even
    use the colour display modes but they never properly explained how to use
    them. They explained but at the end I was more confused but with the
    explanation you gave in this video I have a much better idea on how to sue
    them. All I need to do now is create a separate display screen where I can
    view the YC Waveform. So far I do not know how to do that. Thanks for the

  2. chrisman737

    I agree with others who have said this is the best color correction video I
    have ever seen. Other tutorials are either too specific (“watch me turn my
    video into something that looks like Black Hawk Down”) or too complicated
    (delving into details while missing the very obvious and basic concepts).
    Thanks and well done!

  3. beckertastic

    @lizzy1131 it is, in art at least. Maybe it’s different in video?

  4. Synicade

    This was a VERY helpful tutorial. But remember he is teaching how to use
    and read the tools, not how to color correct. at 6:02 he’s basically
    telling you to get rid of all your black data. He also seems to have the
    idea that footage should be great right out of the camera, which it should
    NOT. Low contrast, low saturation footage is PERFECT for color correction.

  5. osareafallire

    Dang. That was actually really informative!! I appreciated the example
    using the black and white triangle. It helped to clarify quite a bit. Thank

  6. craigemotion

    I like this video. In your experience, is there an ideal amount of
    saturation an image should have when looking at the vector scope?