How To Create Baby Portraits Using Unique Photography Props And Photoshop – Click the link below for access to this Unique Digital Prop Set.
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  1. Fernando Lopez

    Hi scott. please I buy from you the props, you show on the video, but for
    some reason I not Donwload the same I donk now way. please let me know what
    to do. I need the ones you show on this video, Hi-Key Digital Prop Set V2
    (Qty 1)

  2. Aleksandr Akinshev

    Nice tutorial the result is fabulous, the only question I have, is there a
    reason you are using an eraser tool instead of layer masks? What if you
    change your mind about something how do you get the erased pixels back?

  3. Bobbi Jo Frye

    Can I do the taking out people or in necessary things in pictures and
    cloning with photo explosion deluxe?