How to Pose Women, Use Pocket Wizards, Off Camera Flash, Rotolight Anova, Jason Lanier Photography This video was taken in Jane Lew, West Virginia documenting a photo shoot by award winning photographer Jason Lanier. The theme was Little Red Riding Hood and.
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  1. Jason Lanier

    Hey Everyone!

    A fun video from a themed fashion shoot I did in West Virginia. There’s a
    lot of information in here showing how I use off camera flash, video
    lights, and my Nikon to create some wild stuff. Enjoy!!

  2. Dave Jr

    I’m not a photographer but have a Q: How you get the piks to look so….
    how you say it? like a painting or computerized? great piks!

  3. Joe Dean

    I watched a lot of Jason’s videos. One thing I think really sets him apart.
    He knows in his minds eye what he wants to see before he points the camera.
    I think many of us point and hope for a great image. I know how to use my
    camera. I understand the technical side. What I don’t have is his vision,
    his imagination. I looked at the red barn in the back and thought it would
    have not been worth the trouble. All I can say is wow Jason. The part that
    really trips me out is how humble he remains and how generous to be willing
    to share his creative process. I can’t thank you enough.

  4. BradZChef

    30 degrees AND she climbed a barbed wire fence! Jason- that model was a
    trooper! I recently shot for only 3 hours in 45 degrees- had to stop
    because the model’s teeth were chattering so bad!

  5. Bjorn Hermansen

    Another great shoot! Your vision for composition is amazing! I’ve learned
    so much from watching your videos and continue to learn more with each one
    you share. I’ve watched some of your videos multiple times and I pick up
    something something else each time that I missed the first couple of views.

  6. Mzz Jaya

    OMG you are awesome!!! Love love love your work. watched a few of your
    videos on here. 

  7. bancika

    Great pics, although they feel a bit overprocessed and artificial. Like HDR
    effect maxed out. IMHO, they would look better with less effects.

  8. Connie Fore

    I love watching your videos. I wish you would do one strictly about how to
    use flash. I have an SB900 and I just can’t get it right. I end using my
    studio lights the most but you can’t always use them.

  9. Silvio Pereira

    Greg.. About the HDR in your pics.. I really appreciate it.. I’d love to
    learn how to edit like that.. Keep doing your great work! 😉