Intro to flash photography/Beginner Speedlight Tutorial-Canon 580ex,580exii,430exii Nikon sb900,sb60

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  1. CreacherRDK hs

    I want one of these lights so bad… with some wireless triggers..,. but i
    dont have enough money.. Im a beginner but… i have not even a quarter
    money of the lowest end lights he said.. :/ v.v

  2. p DINCO

    Can a off camera flash be set up on slave mode, mounted onto a camera like
    a t5i, and fire without the on camera flash going off?

  3. Jordan Epperson

    Great video but I’m trying to learn how to use it not what it is. I already
    know what it is but thanks anyway..

  4. ladev1988

    Very nice channel, i like how you do your thing and it works very well,
    thank you for the great videos.

  5. Matthew Pace

    I got a 7D and the small flash is pretty bad! Its too harsh. Then you end
    up with shakey photos because of a very low shutter speed. In extreme
    situations, even using a piece of tissue helps to soften things up!

  6. KreativeTechLA

    If you shooting outdoors, then that would be the ideal time to use your
    flash as a fill light – especially if you’re shooting against the sun. If
    you’re shooting indoors, then you’ll want to make note of the ceiling
    colors and height so you’ll now where the best areas are to bounce light.
    Bouncing light indoors kreates very even lighting on your subject(s)
    instead of harsh directional light you seen when pointing the flash
    directly at your subject(s).

  7. KreativeTechLA

    @floex831 Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. Although I emphatically
    have to reiterate, “If you Must”. As a beginner photographer one of the
    things that you will inevitably learn is how to plan and prepare before you
    shoot. Popup flashes are there when you CANNOT rely on any other light
    source to produce an image. Additionally you should already avoid shooting
    in such areas that would require the use of a pop up flash. As I said in my
    video, “NEVER to be considered on a professional level”.

  8. Daya

    YESSS!!! I’ve been waiting for this! thanks, buddy! please post a video on
    video editing pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. Nathan Medrano

    First of all great videos man! thanks for all the great info you give! I
    wanted to let people know that are getting to flashes that I have see a
    video that Adam Lerner has done to show you about a flash called LumoPro
    LP160. It is on the same level as an SB-900 and only costs 159.95. Hope
    this helps out to stay low cost but great performance for people like me
    just getting into it. 🙂

  10. Luix007

    Nice video Shawn!! Hey I’m a beginner in Photography. I have a Canon T2i
    and I want to buy a external flash. Which flash would you recommend me to
    buy? I’m planning in buy the Speedlite 270EX II to start with, what do you

  11. lbcjustin

    You seriously need some anger management classes. LOL. BTW, I thought the
    editing was pretty good for this type of video. It made the content more