Intro To Off Camera Flash Photography

Intro To Off Camera Flash Photography There are so many hidden nuggets in our DSLR’s that we either don’t know about…

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  1. Buddha Belly

    could you please do a tutorial on the film split? I’m curious about that
    whole vintage look I’ve been seeing alot. also did the second flash fire
    from the light from the main flash?

  2. aaronarman89

    Great video. very informative …quick do you save differnet
    versions of that one photo as a snapshot before and after editing?!

  3. TCX Choi

    Now that you mentioned it, do a tutorial on split toning since I think
    Jared took down Greg’s video on that.

  4. Steve Hampton

    Adam, how did you put the vignette around this photo? I know it’s not the
    lens because I just got that 24-70 2.8 a couple of days ago and it’s so
    AWESOME! Love the videos and the detailed explainations. I’m looking
    forward to your next video on flash photography as I really need to get
    into that area.

  5. Adam Lerner

    @aria230 in the Develop module, hit “command + shift + N” and then you can
    select what elements you want saved to that preset.

  6. Adam Lerner

    @kebello10 great question! there was VERY little ambient light and i didn’t
    want the flashes maxxing out so 800 was a nice balance.


    @AdamLernerPhoto i agree, if you use 100 iso, you would have to use a
    bright flash and that would over do it. manually setting the flash low and
    800iso is a great balance.

  8. siggmur

    I like your videoes, I just hope you camera flash tutorials doesn’t focus
    too much on nikon equipment. Keep up the great work Adam! 🙂

  9. hikinguphigh

    can i have the tabs for the riff at the beginning and end. pleeeeeeeeease
    kind regards

  10. 360mix

    Filmy Split worked wonders for the photo.. loved it… Only critique would
    be the barrel on the left side of the image has a metal band on it that the
    you can see the flash highlight.. I would have burn that a bit… That is
    the first thing my eyes saw.. the brite metal band on that barrel.. Other
    than that.. Thank you for explaining the lens you used and why you used the
    focal length. and the story behind the photo.. good job!!!!