Lesson 1 – Aperture (Tutorial about Photography)

For more go to http://easy-exposure.com This is a first lesson about photography for beginners. In this lesson I will explain in details what aperture means …

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  1. Zennelyn Winfrey

    I am an amateur photographer but i make a lot of money than the professional photographer out there! i must say try to see how thing going on.

  2. AmFilms123

    I first bumped into Lesson 4.1 Exposure, and it was awesome beyond belief!
    I have subscribed & am now going through each video.
    Thanks for taking out time to teach.
    Lots of love!! :)

  3. Achtungworld1

    Excellent tutorial! you may have a thick accent but yet, you have explained
    the subject matter in better detail and understanding, than people who I
    know that speak English as a first language. Well done and thank you for
    your help and knowledge.

  4. Universal035

    +easyexposure This is really my first time taking notes on a full lesson of
    photography. I couldn’t understand some of your explaning because you have
    a strong accent. Tomorrow, I’m going to study more on this first lesson. I
    didn’t get your name ma’am?

  5. MrLuigisASMR

    Omg thank you very much!!!! You are like the best teacher out here, I like
    how you take the time to explain things slowly. Thank you a bunch! I
    subbed! :)

  6. Soko kcamara

    Really I found your lesson so interesting, Thank you very much for this
    wonderful video. I enjoy it a lot

  7. Minthang Neihsial

    I have been looking for a good,simple to understand Tutorial for amateur
    photographer like me on Youtube for quite long time now.. And i have found
    the right Tutorial in this .. Thank you Oksana… your Tutorial is awesome,
    simple, detailed and it help me a lot as a beginner.. Thnks a lot once

  8. Kagumin

    Dear Oksana, this is the best lesson I’ve ever experienced about
    photography. Thank you so much! 

  9. Raja Shekar

    You are my best Teacher! Teacher please correct the video. Sorry, In this
    video from 8.06sec to 8.08, you said – “So my opening was pretty Big”.
    Please use ‘the opening’ instead of ‘my opening’.

  10. OnlinePhotographyCourses

    thanks for your info you have provided for beginner photographers. I will
    have to go through your other videos now :)

  11. YiFan Liu

    Great tutorials. I am going to watching all your lessons. It is
    particularly helpful to me that you speak slowly. I am glad and appreciate

  12. Justin Frog

    Thanks for helping all of us understand photgraphy , your videos are very
    helpful . 

  13. Dexter Romena

    this is the best tutorial! easy to understand! thx +easyexposure for this

  14. Photography World

    I liked your showing the buttons and controls on the camera itself. A lot
    of people teach this stuff without showing even the beginning of how to
    actually do it. Thank you.

  15. Bus Lan

    Just by reading the recommendations and accolades, i subbed to her channel
    even before getting to a minute of the video. I am sure i won’t be
    disappointed :)

  16. floex831

    I am not a beginner but I LOVE this tutorial. Love listening to her, I was
    kind of hypnotized by her voice.

  17. sosan edgard

    Thank you so much, you explain everything very well that everybody can
    understand. i am going to start to watch all of your Videos now. hope can
    learn more.

  18. Pimporly

    Yes You are the Best Teacher on YouTube and Very beautiful to.
    Thank you for helping all of us using DSLR Cameras