MASTER YOUR FLASH: Part 1 – Create windows using bounce flash

Part 1 of a series to teach you everything you need to know to master your flash. Matt Granger today shows you how to use your external flash unit to simulat…
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  1. Rees473

    Sorry, bro.
    Lots of great information but that doesn’t make for a engaging video.

  2. Derek Skoyles

    Hi Matt, can you show the effect of various light boxes on flash? I want to
    photograph people against a green screen and then put them into various
    backgrounds. I am finding it hard to get the light right so that they fit

  3. Richard Borges

    Quite informative Matt. Could you share some Info on the Guide Number of a
    flash and how effective it is while using the speedlite off the Camera…

  4. William Kwany

    Hi Matt, this video is really giving me a lot information, But I have
    question that if I’m taking outdoor at night, what should I do with the
    speedlight? Thanks.

  5. Santiago Torrente

    Get a microphone and someone who knows how to edit a video. You might be
    explaining cool stuff, but the vid is just painful. 

  6. flips220

    1. Saw titties and clicked
    2. Realized this wasn’t about titties
    3. Thumbs down
    4. Posts useless comment
    5. Leaves without watching video

  7. nelsonkany

    Matt, could you please expand this series by helping to explain the use of
    different camera setting to cope with the flash… Many thanks =)

  8. David Pearson

    Where do you source your beautiful models from ? ……. I require a patient

  9. silvia l

    talking a lot .. video means practical where is ur model .. this is shit
    ,,, got headache 

  10. airobyou

    @Matt Can you update this video with a proper model to do highlights. I
    think its needed ( a model that is)

  11. Bryan Miraflor

    This is kind of weird. When I play the video there’s no audio? just white

  12. Steven Campisano

    Thanks for starting this series Matt. I’ll be purchasing an SB-910 soon and
    getting into flash with my D800E so all this helps alot. Also I enjoy your
    unscripted tutorials very much. They are not plain vanilla and boring at
    all. I look forward to seeing more.

  13. bearinch

    Nice Matt, thank you! A tip: there is a really really good book from Neil
    van Niekerk “On-camera flash”, which gives also a lot of superb insights to
    the topic. Keep the nice work, Andy

  14. thedeathcake

    Or, for those of us wanting to learn something. I didn’t find this video
    boring at all. Lots of good stuff. Plus a hot girl would distract from the
    real info 😉