Nightclub Photography TV – Ep. 3 Flash Diffusers (Part 1) – Nightclub Photography TV Episode 3 (Part 1): Myles talks about flash diffusers such as the Omnibounce, Gary Fong Lightsp…

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  1. nightclubphoto

    Pointing a small flash unit, even with a diffuser, is hardly ever the ideal
    solution. Experiment with pointing it up at a 45 degree angle, and if you
    can bounce your flash off a wall, that would be even better.

  2. mitsubishidiamante

    I have a question.. is the night club/club promoter is paying you to shoot
    pictures when you shoot inside the night club?

  3. Syma K

    Thanks. This was really helpful. I do have one question. Does the Gary Fong
    lightsphere work well in rooms with high ceilings and/or dark ceilings?
    Does the disk inside the sphere work as a bouncer? What would you recommend
    for such a situation?

  4. aeroview213

    Hey how’s it goin? I just wanted to know what kind of speedlite are you
    using for your demonstration of flash diffusers in this video?

  5. Andrew Delos Santos

    Very awesome info… have you used the Lumiquest products? Are they worth
    it or it creates a better lighting?

  6. KizzyMakesFilms

    I have a Canon 7D…and am now pretty low on funds when it comes to getting
    all these little extras I need. Whats your opinion on pop up flash
    diffusers? xx

  7. Yen Ching Wang

    Hey Myles, I love your informative videos that covers many aspects of
    nightclubbing. It helped a great deal! I do have one question I would like
    to ask. I have the Omnibounce, but like you said, it doesn’t work to well
    when shooting in a portrait position. I am currently looking for a
    substitute and have my eye on three of Gary Fong’s diffuser. Which of these
    three would you suggest: 1. Lightsphere Collapsible Dome 2. Lightsphere
    Inverted Dome Cloud 3. Lightsphere Inverted Dome half cloud

  8. nightclubphoto

    Thanks for the comment! I’ve used Lumiquest products, and from time to
    time, I will use their Pocket Bounce. It all depends on your own personal
    style. I have used their pocket bounce and 80/20, but not their other
    diffusers. Personally, I find the pocket bounce to deliver a more ‘punchy’
    kind of light. So, when I want that effect, I will use the pocket bounce.

  9. nightclubphoto

    @SamuelYCWang I like the half cloud, although I’m using a combination of
    techniques these days and not relying solely on 1 diffuser.

  10. Andrew Amp.

    @nightclubphoto i have a 270ex that doesn’t offer bounce for portraits. I
    am going to get a omni bounce but with it, for portrait do i shoot straight
    on or still change it to 60 degrees?