Ombre Hair Color Correction

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  1. Saigon Chick

    Omg you are freaking amazing. She looks like those hair models from the

  2. AleOmalley13

    OMG!!! Guy I like your personality soooo much!!! XD I want you to do my
    ombre! It looks beautiful!

  3. Rebecca Fan

    Hry Guy I was wondering is there a difference between ombre and balayage?

  4. Stephanie Rincon

    I want fabulous hair too 🙁 how am I supposed to find a hair stylist in
    Chicago? :/

  5. aika ibraeva

    this kind of hair color can make only professionals, u r the one of
    them.good job

  6. xCandyAnna

    CAN YOU DO MY HAIR? Im so scared to get my hair colored for the first time.
    I wish I lived wherever area you are at because I really want to get nice
    blonde hair highlight/obre. I want to get the kind of highlight style that
    Kate Beckinsale has.

  7. marcia martins

    my hair is as dark as hers right at the top rly dark brown, and i want to
    do ombre, adn that collour is perfect its like a blondy light brown, so
    does anyone know the exact name of that colour that she has?? 

  8. sweetlemon56

    my God, I wish you were in France. I would let you do my hair without being
    afraid of the result xD

  9. Angela Garcia

    Your gift is amazing with hair!! Love what youve done to her hair !!!

  10. hunnie Yang

    OMGAH if you were local in sac, Id have you do my HAIR!!! im obsessed with
    your work Guy! its lovely!!

  11. Furoza Ashrif

    I love how you understand how to work with darker hair colours, I feel like
    a lot of salons don’t really get it and shy me away from adding any colour
    to my hair.

  12. Lindaalicious Beauty

    i wanna book an appt with you! i dont care if its months away ahah

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