Outdoor Speedlight Portraits: Ep. 201: Digital Photography 1 on 1

This is the first episode of Season Two and that’s why the numbers have changed from episode 75 to 201. There are no “missing” episodes between 75 and 201. I…
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  1. Juan Dela Cruz

    thumbs up if you think the model’s boobs is distracting? lol

  2. John Stock

    In your Canon example @ 8:28 you mention that exposure comp only changes
    the background. But those examples look like it has changed the flash
    exposure too?

  3. tgmwright

    8:39 “…but the exposure on [Jade] is staying exactly the same…”

    Except… it’s doesn’t, hahah

    Full appreciation for the fact that this video was made in 2011, but as of
    2012 (at least, if not sooner) Nikon also allows you to use exposure
    compensation on the ambient light independently from the subject exposure.
    (Yes, I’m a Nikon D600 owner, and no, I’m not flaming: just pointing out
    that things may have changed since this video was made.)

    Still, great video, phenomenal model talent, and as always very pleased to
    watch all your videos.

  4. Isaiah Headen

    This is a really cool tip about controlling background and foreground
    light. Definitely a useful tool when shooting event photography.

  5. David Dickerson

    I’ve tried this with my Canon T3i and was unsuccessful. Can you help me
    out. I don’t think my T3i has this high speed sync capability. 

  6. stellari81

    With the Canon example I don’t really see the model staying the same
    exposure… Am I wrong?

  7. Jason Auw

    you dont need a flash light, they are plenty of light in the background use
    your spot metering. 

  8. eugene sarigumba

    i’m new to using the flash…but it looks like when you change camera
    exposure compensation to control the ambient light, it looks like it’s also
    changing the exposure of the subject when you say it shouldn’t.

  9. Mike Montalvo

    Outdoor Speedlight Portraits: Ep. 201: Digital Photography 1 on 1

  10. Jales Valquer

    This video helped me a lot. Thank you very much. You’re the best.

  11. azarme90

    This is a terrible tutorial. On camera flash should never be used like
    that. Makes the photo look like a cheap shot from the 90s

  12. Mary Augeri

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