Painting Portraits With A Reference Image (Corel Painter Tutorial)

Learn how to paint a portrait from a photo without using Cloning Brushes. We will take advantage of the new Reference Image feature to help us plot out our portrait painting. ▻ Save 0…
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  1. Aaron Rutten

    In this video, learn how to use a reference photo to help you plot out your
    portrait paintings. We’ll paint a portrait in grayscale and then tint it to
    add color.

  2. Wesley Vanderwesthuyzen

    i really like the way you work ,i am a beginner with paint x 5 can you help
    me in the rite direction in the use of the workspace and how to use the

  3. gringollanero

    Great simple technique shown in a pleasant easy going way, yielding great
    results. Thanks a ton !

  4. Angie Dodds

    thankyou ever so much for this tutorial.. I have had no knowledge on how to
    do porttraits on painter.. I’ve had to learn myself which has taken me
    hours and hours to do a decent picture.. now you’ve inspired me loads!!! I
    knew that a lot of artists used block colur or black n white but I never
    knew how they transferred the colour.. I may have to watch a few times but
    your video has helped loads… all other videos I have watched have been
    confusing… you explain everything really well!!
    Again thankyou for inspiring me!!!!

  5. Silvermachine7

    Great tutorial Aaron. Thank you very much for sharing ;-)

  6. Buddha B

    In this video, learn how to use a reference photo to help you to pain scary

  7. Charles Aiken

    Thanks for this great tutorial. I have been using Painter for over
    ten years now and your technique is by far the easiest and fastest I’ve yet
    seen for quick and excellent results for making a portraiture from a photo.

  8. Beter Michel

    i think that your skitch is better than the colored !!

    but i want to know ,, can i use (muse) for drawing ?? and what kind of pad
    do you use for drawing?

  9. Lynn Sindoni

    Thanks for your hard work and tutorial, I need to learn a lot more and
    appreciate the base of information given. Your voice is also a gift as so
    many tutorials can do the program but lose me with how they bother my ear,

  10. Chris James

    I’m going to try to get a 20 spot tomorrow so I can donate to your site for
    all your hard work plus that will get me the extended downloads and stuff i
    believe. Thanks again for all your hard work

  11. Wardie Ward

    Another great tutorial. Thanks for keeping my Painter mojo going.

  12. dredhead7

    Thank you for showing this in real time, I learned a lot, no cloning it
    looks painted good job.

  13. Rebecca Gail

    Are those tablets good? I’ve been looking to get one, but I wasn’t sure if
    they were that great.