Perfect Beverage Lighting (Retouching)

Perfect Beverage Lighting (Retouching)

Interested in photographing beverages, beer, wine soda, etc? In collaboration with Robb Grimm Studios we bring you this exclusive Phlearn PRO Tutorial that n…

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  1. Vikentijs Lauruts

    its a pro one! 🙂 i have got like 3 already – all worth the money! the
    information u get from them is 10000 times more worth!

  2. AlexCoronaPhoto

    thanks! I found it later on their website, on youtube they pretty much
    don’t list any info like they do on their site. Best $25 I’ll ever spend!

  3. Ayman Hameed

    Woooow Tutorial . I got it & I like it too much . Thank allot Phlearn .
    Nice to make different subjects for tutorials I’m commercial photographer
    you can visit my web site (colorswave) Thanks

  4. maen fallouh

    can we have the photo as HD, i work with San Pellegrino water we would like
    to have it for our marketing this summer. lovely drink