Pet Photography & Portraits

Pet Photography & Portraits

Rancho Bernardo Family Photo & Movie Studio specializes in capturing you and the love for your pet with a camera lens. Talk to us today to schedule a personal photo shoot with your pet, today.

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  1. thecreativekid

    Thank you for your kind comments. The font I used was off of a 2nd party
    font developer called Georges. Sometimes I just pick up fonts I see that I
    like and use them for a specific project and then don’t use them again. I
    appreciate you taking the time to look at my work. Thank you 🙂 Joey

  2. MrPetPhotoVideo

    Very inspiring video, congrats! Could I just ask you an off the cuff
    question if you don’t mind? What font are you using in your video? Thanks

  3. MrPetPhotoVideo

    Thanks for your reply Joey. Are you sure that is the font name because the
    only Georges font I can find looks very different? Thanks.