photography lighting tips, light stands and umbrellas (part 3)

Part 3 of the lighting stand and umbrella advice for flash photography Camer…
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  1. joshredmanart

    Just as a warning, I got a universal light stand head thing (dirt cheap)
    and it can only hold the actual speedlight in place.. with a YN602 receiver
    attached to the flash, it can’t grip the trigger’s plastic shoe properly.
    It only takes a bit of a shake to loosen from the light stand head thing.
    With the metal shoe of the actual flash itself, it works pretty well. So
    yea, if you’re after a couple of bargain light stand head things, I’ve got
    some going cheap 😉

  2. craigqc

    i have one of the second cold shoe umbrella holders and it has already
    crapped out on me. the cold shoe part does not tighten the flash enough
    without having to use pliers (such a pain on location) and the umbrella
    holder screw is stripped and the umbrella can slide out easily. just bought
    a manfroto cold shoe attachment and ill see how that holds up…

  3. SoundsandImages

    the plastic desktop coldshoe is about a fiver on Amazon or Ebay Dom.. But
    your new mount is much better.. Seen lots of these in use on strobist
    meets… I have a different lighting solution so don’t need them… At the

  4. Linda Thomas

    What make is that last attachment? I live in a small town in Cornwall, and
    my nearest photography shop is forty or fifty miles away which is a pain,
    so I get most of my items on eBay, wouldn’t mind getting the last

  5. Spaeckli

    you can get cold shoes with metal threads for 4 bucks a piece on ebay just
    search for Hot shoe Flash Stand For Nikon SB-900 SB800 SB600 SB900 world
    wide free shipping, it takes some weeks but that’s acceptable for the price

  6. romernich90

    can you attach a canon speedlight 430 ex II on one of those new flash
    holders you bought?

  7. helloooooo473

    hi nice videos! I was wondering as I’m trying to find it, what is that make
    of your ‘universal speedlight umbrella stand’ ?

  8. Dombowerphoto

    I got it from the camera store Calumet, but i would just check on amazon as
    you can usually find it there.