Photography Tutorial for Beginners: What is Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO (DSLR Lesson) – CamCrunch

Learn more: What is Exposure? APERTURE Tutorial SHUTTER SPEED Tutorial ISO Tutorial There three things that affect the exposure of a…
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  1. mrgoodf50

    dude thats helpful but for me im just beginner i even dont what to buy
    canon or Nikon or fuji ??
    hit me up do you have skype ??

  2. TheBennyZone

    very well done video and thank you for calmly explaining it. So many
    people rush through it all.

  3. Mourad Goublié

    That helped a alot! +CamCrunch – Photography Tutorials and More! can you do
    a comparative between the Canon EOS 70D and the Nikon D7100?

  4. jordanjansenmusic

    Awesome video, you explained it really well. I just gotta learn how to use
    these 3 things at once now!

  5. missashleyowens

    Omg finally something I understand, you made it sound plan an simple.
    Adding to my favorites an subbing, an I’m sure you just got another 10 to
    20 view for me cause I’m gonna watch this a few times lmbo.

  6. ClawMachineCentral/TheUniqueOne

    Great video! I’m taking photography 151 in college, and the aperture
    confuses me. This. Video helped me. Ty very much. Liked

  7. Davion Washington

    Amazing ! Thanks For The Brief Explanation And Understanding That It Does
    Take Time To Learn This ! Thank You Man ! *Subscribes*

  8. Rishi Shukla

    A mobile camera with auto focus and touch focus doesn’t has aperture, ISO
    and shutter speed I realise. So is it necessary to have a DSlr (sorry, name
    isn’t clear to me this time), to be a photographer? I never had
    satisfaction with smartphone cameras. 

  9. Michael G

    Very insightful, good job mate, now with just these basic settings, how
    would a software like photoshop interact with the images taken? Along the
    various differences of the 3 settings of course….

  10. Sorrell Lacroix

    i jus got the Nikon D3000. Its brand new but old. i would really like to
    learn more about when to use aperture, shutter speed and iso and other
    professional functions. plz help!

  11. Sovichana Vann

    VERY HELPFUL, all those photos are exactly what I want to try to shoot when
    buy my first camera, thanks for explaining how to get those results!

    2 other kind of photos Id like to take are waterfalls/ rivers and how to
    get that smooth-silky-water effect.

    I’d also want to take pictures of the city/ streets at night, having car
    blurs so that it looks like a long streak of lights, that looks REALLY