Portrait photo retouching in Photoshop

Portrait photo retouching in Photoshop

Please visit http://pixeltango.com for a detailed text-tutorial on retouching an portrait photo in Adobe Photoshop.
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  1. TimeBreaker1987

    nice !! how do you that zooming? its really helpful, i wanna do it too

  2. Bloodhammer666

    Your skill Photoshop is surprising))) You have so complicated simple
    actions. Work of such plan takes away from me much less time, there is no
    heap of layers. The more I work in Photoshop the tools I are easier use.

  3. Ahya728

    here’s a tip: u just have to learn what each tools are capable of, and
    you’ll do fine.

  4. William Lark

    i thought you channel was cool stop over and view mine. if you wouldn`t
    mind subscribing to my channel i do the same and subscribe to yours.