PS-Tube | How to Create a Caricature From a Photo | Photoshop Lesson 7

PhotoShop Lesson 7 : In this tutorial i will show you How to turn an ordinary person into a picture Caricature. ———————————————…
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  1. dean strawberry

    stupid audio track ruins the vid i do even wanna watch the vid anymore
    fuked up audio track 

  2. kellyjdrummer

    If you insist on placing tutorials on YouTube, record and play the tutorial
    audio track, not some “this is my favorite tune” audio track. I refuse to
    watch this. This video is a fail.

  3. Frank Contreras

    Here’s some free advice. Before you start this video open up Itunes and
    pick one of your favorite tunes when you want to be creative. I chose ” to
    the Limit” by David Tolk. Put it on repeat. Now open this video back up on
    Youtube and mute the videos sound. Now sit back and Enjoy a pretty awesome
    vid… and you’re welcome.

  4. John Smith

    Pretty much a fail. Thought I would learn something new. But really just a
    waste of time. And that music……… zzzzz.z.

  5. Mark Balogh

    I dont understand the brush tool part for the eyes it isnt working for me
    plz help?!

  6. NYCDirtyDan

    To those of you who have an issue with this tutorial:
    think the whole idea is if you actually know how to use Photoshop. Then
    you would understand everything he’s doing… It’s not a how-to use
    Photoshop tutorial !

    With the exception of the music fading in and out I actually enjoyed your
    tutorial thank you very much Youssef !

  7. brooklynrican64

    No talking?! Really?
    I hate BS videos like this. I was hoping to learn something here and have
    to watch this lame crap with a stupid soundtrack.

  8. Shadownian

    Ya…i cant watch….idc if you sound like a complete tool….id rather
    hear somebody talking and describing what they are doing over a video with
    music over the top. Shame….seemed like a decent vid too….

  9. Chris Langston

    A bullshit tutorial right here. Let’s play the guessing game of what tool
    is being used with which parameters and how and to what purpose. Next
    time, record your voice, dude. YouTube tutorial 101.


    A “Tutorial” is supposed to teach you something. This video is a waste of
    time. Lose the stupid music and explain what you are doing.

  11. John Thompson

    So….you don’t actually draw anything? :/
    P.S. On a side note, you know that “how to” vids typically have narration
    actually explaining what you are doing?!?!?!?!? The way you have it set up,
    I doubt anyone could learn anything from this.
    Nice try tho, as far as the resulting photo. Try not to get butt-hurt over
    my other comments tho.

  12. marketin newsforyou

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    editing review

  13. Kerrie Stevenson

    absolutely brilliant, thanks for sharing. Mute the music if you don’t like
    it, it’s not hard.

    If we purchased the tut’s from your website, they have audio soundtrack
    guiding and advising why you’re doing things don’t they? If so, what
    language are they?