Quick And Easy Compositing! In Adobe Photoshop

In today’s episode we show you some tips & tricks for quick and easy compositing using Adobe Photoshop. Check out the full post at: http://phlearn.com/quick-…
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  1. RMVideoEditor

    Best composite tutorial ever! And you’ve made me realise how much I don’t
    know about Photoshop! 

  2. ايسر الطائي

    God bless u> i love ur teturial, plz be easy with uploading the stuff u
    used in the terutial.

  3. Romeo Tango

    Way too much red. An explosion is very bright, and closer to white than it
    is to red. Sure, your colors are pretty consistent, but they still don’t
    look great IMO. Your colors look pretty far off, as a lot of color grading
    tends to. You could argue that’s a part of the quick and dirty thing, but
    generally when something is burning/combusting, you should look for the
    brighter, less saturated parts of the flame/ explosion to find the color of
    the light it’s producing. People ALWAYS over-estimate saturation of
    lighting. Make a point of looking up the color temperature charts that are
    out there and remember approximate values for common things. It’ll help a
    lot with more natural looks.

  4. JC Torres

    great!!! i love your videos!! i have learn more from you than in school :)

  5. peninha1975

    Excelent.watched many of your tutorials, this is perfect, I do like it
    quick and dirty :)

  6. Jay Miller

    Loved it!!! Thank you soooo much! You help us all get better!!!!

  7. slagle292

    Great tutorial,but “quick and dirty” 90 times became a little distracting.
    Just an opinion.

  8. afro symphony

    am like jon snow when it comes to photoshop…i know nothing!!!