Real World : Live High End Beauty Retouching by Galih Suprayogo

Real World : Live High End Beauty Retouching by Galih Suprayogo

Credits : Photographer : Stefan B Model : Julie.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    All that work, and nobody looks at a magazine cover that closely to warrant
    this level of alteration. There is such thing as too perfect though. You
    have to know when to stop.

  2. ZY Simendef

    Bien mais cela tourne plus à une démonstration qu’à une explication au
    regard de la vitesse d’exécution.

  3. Tiffani Palamuso

    she looks a little yellow, id tone it down a little bit; her top lip is out
    of proportion with her lower, id probably use liquify to expand it
    slightly; her forehead looks little large due to the hair being removed
    from the top so I personally would use liquify and make it slightly less
    round; and last but not least the end of her eyebrow needs some liquify or
    puppet warp because it turns up on end slightly. you did a beautiful
    retouch and I applaud you on your fantastic abilities.

  4. Master of Flowers

    What music did you use? Did you create the music? Sounds like something you
    could have created in Mixcraft software????

  5. whitney minthorn

    You are going in the right direction! Great color and clean up. Too much
    inverted high pass though. You can’t see it when at 100% crop but when
    viewed at thumbnail size the blur is visible. Try using only dodge and
    burn. IHP only when absolutely needed. Can’t wait to see more 🙂 

  6. LaMarquiseDeMerteuil

    great result, no spoken explanations = this really does not help. remove
    annoying music and tell us how high end retouching is done.

  7. Justin Fernandes

    I have a question the part where doing the eye lashes you turn the photo
    side ways to draw on it how do you do that without having to press ctrl+t
    for resize tool ?

  8. Kristianathe

    Overdone…skin doesn’t look realistic, I agree, it looks like it’s drawn

  9. Sasa D

    really really pro mate, but me as newbie on photoshop -.- idk.. i cant
    follow all these steps 

  10. grabedigger

    So, this guy makes a pretty decent video, leaves some great tips in how to
    process a beauty shot, (even if overdone), and all you can do is bashing
    the dude, for making it look not real. This kind of tips are expensive, and
    he’s giving them for free!!! Hey man thanks, at least on the light control
    you made a great job! Keep them comming!

  11. Lauro Júnior

    HI FRIEND, you started very well! But it was beyond. Could do was stop in
    the middle of the process. Looked like doll. Was fake. Sorry!