Secrets of Amazing HDR Photography

Secrets of Amazing HDR Photography

How to take High Dynamic Range Photos, or HDR, like the pros. This technique creates stunning photos by combining three or more pictures of the same subject,…
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  1. Elite Sweden Photography

    Sorry but i didn’t see a single HDR in this video where the technique was
    used as intended. And most HDR’s out there look like this or worse, it’s
    just ridiculous.

    A true HDR image is where you try to mimic what the eye perceives, the
    image just look very well exposed. Those over post processed images just
    gives HDR a bad name.

  2. Mark Pettigrew

    Topaz Adjust. Good for photos with an HDR look, without taking multiple
    exposures that have to be blended together.

  3. ken mcallister

    I use photomatix pro and touch up with lightroom i also use a minimum of 5
    exposures to 11 depending on how much detail is in the shot

  4. Marco Trafecante-Lamboy

    he started talking about/asking is there a photoshop shortcut, then the
    other guy started to answer it, but got side tracked before he actually
    answered it…. moved onto gimp… to something else… Yeah, lost my
    patience and stopped watching. Great job. Stop chit-chatting when you’re
    supposed to be answering a question.

  5. Richard Ussery

    From While on vacation in Hawall ,photographer Roderick
    Lee Mann on November 27,2012 captures the formation of a rainbow from
    beginning to end.

  6. Darebakk

    they should change the name of the video to “secrets of poor HDR
    photography”.. if u really want some useful information, skip this video
    and search somewhere else!

  7. Bryon Lape

    There are HDRI apps for the iPhone. The iPhone 4s and 5 will do it natively.

  8. looniaz

    If you’re feeling that you’re not a newbie in HDR, stop wasting your time
    watching and giving negative comments on this video. Nonetheless, it’s a
    good tutorial, really helps me.

  9. Salam Alaikum !

    yes too bad for you dude,hdr is really amazing but it seems that you sucks

  10. TheBigsteely101

    Hi, great video. Can you tell me what the difference would be between
    bracketing 3 photos in camera with 2ev apart versus doing 2ev apart
    artificially in Photomatix? Thanks

  11. ShakaDiver

    gotta love the hosts last line… “We’re talking mescaline, not acid here
    people!” Yeah…. it’s up to the people…. nurturing your inner artist…

  12. frankytap

    not just a thing for digital, been around in the analog times aswell


    i prefer the darker end of the world look with HDR as a lot of my pics
    show, not a fan or the too bright and colourful ones as a lot of people
    have really no idea how to do it right and normally overdo it

  14. Matic Krmec

    Haha.. the first picture is from Bled, Slovenia.. where the hell did you
    find it 😀 Great picture!