Shoot-Through vs Reflective Umbrella for Off-Camera Flash / Strobist Photography – CamCrunch

One of the first pieces of kit that you will want to invest in when you start to do off camera flash work is a nice umbrella. An umbrella is a type of modifi…

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  1. CamCrunch

    Have you seen the new video? Shoot-through vs Reflective Umbrellas for
    Off-Camera Flash Photography!

  2. WoohhooTV

    What about shooting outdoors? I have to do a 5 person family photoshoot in
    a park. would the shoot through work well?

  3. CamCrunch

    Shoot-Through vs Reflective Umbrella for Off-Camera Flash / Strobist

  4. Alexa Schapiro

    Can you do a tutorial for on-camera flash? I just ordered a yongnuo yn565ex
    and don’t think that I’ll be doing any off-camera.

  5. CamCrunch

    I usually have it at around 35mm, but change it around depending on the
    look i want. The same rules still apply when zooming in/out in that zoomed
    in flashes will have more intensity in the center of the umbrella.

  6. Rory500

    hey just want to say thank you so much for putting the time and effort into
    making these videos, i look forward to seeing them every week, they are so
    helpful and informative and to the point. keep them coming : ) Rory from

  7. Robin Bebb

    As always very clear and easy to understand with instructional images to
    illustrate the point. How long until you graduate?

  8. Andreas Zeevaert

    how do you set the zoom of the flash when using a shoot-through /
    reflective umbrella ? i enjoy your videos – keep on ! best regards from
    cologne, andy

  9. rhyze karlo llanos

    dude!!! you are awesome… when someone asks me about cameras, and how to
    use it… or how to take good photos… i recommend CamCrunch!!! and i say
    “HES A FILIPINO”!!! 😉 keep it up!!! stay proud pinoy!!! 🙂

  10. Fedora

    EXCELLENT feedback; I was at a lost on what umbrella to order – because I
    lacked knowledge in the pros/cons of the two. You just helped prevent me
    from making a mistake and spending money I can’t afford to waste. Shoot
    thru umbrella is all I need for my subjects…at least for now. Congrats on
    the upcoming graduation – what are your plans after graduation?

  11. supertututu

    Hey! I love your work! Do you have any advice on how to make a low budget
    shoot session? Thank you!