Skin Retouching – Pop the Highlights

From Gry Garness DVD, Beauty Retouching Techniques in Photoshop CS5 and all other Photoshop CS versions. Half price sale on DVD 1 …
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  1. Winston P.

    wow i’m amazed, taking a cheap looking photo and turning it into something
    that looks like a makeup campaign.

  2. Paras D

    The impact was too subtle…wasn’t easy to see on the screen…regardless
    nice tutorial! and u have a great voice btw :)

  3. JR M

    Found this awhile back. I use the technique sometimes to add a little pop
    to highlights.

  4. Monica Trica

    Found this awhile back. I use the technique sometimes to add a little pop
    to highlights.

  5. mclarren pacino

    Found this awhile back. I use the technique sometimes to add a little pop
    to highlights.

  6. tomtafola

    Wow fantastic work grygarness knows her staff I would like to marry her i
    would be the happiest photographer in the world. I just love here style she
    had my tonality when it come to tones styles she si wanderful i woudl love
    to ahve her edit my work if i could only met her the so cool.

  7. essellar

    Doing the job in Photoshop alone when the subject has bad skin is a matter
    of doing several different levels of softening on masked layers (with the
    masks initially set to hide all), and painting the best parts of each in to
    avoid over-softening. Frankly, using a quality plugin (Imagenomic
    Portraiture and Alien Skin Image Doctor are two good ones; both run around
    $200 and have free trials) is often a better idea, especially if your time
    is worth money.

  8. Michael Honsinger

    Great videos, Gry… you are a Fantastic Teacher! Thank you. Wish you had
    more videos up…

  9. emily jolie

    I like your video. It clear enough since you say you just want to show us
    how to get the hilight on the face. It really done well. So bad you not do
    video more? 🙁 It really helpful and you should ignore drama sometime as
    most of people loving your job. Hope to see you again

  10. varunahmedabad

    I dont know how to thank you for this particular tutorial i been looking
    for something like this from so long but i really wish you have shown this
    from the begining 🙂

  11. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Nice, But I get right on LIGHTING camera and I only use clone to remove
    skin inperfection. I’m a OLD SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER

  12. Cavernicola

    hello I love your photoshop tutorials , I’d like to know if you have
    tutorilas staring from 0 to advance? Thank you

  13. Nicholas x

    Your skill is simply awesome… What I like best is that you take time to
    explain in layman’s terms so even the most basic of students can comprehend
    without having to swallow a dictionary. Love your work! Thanks for sharing.

  14. AmJ

    Could you PLEASE do a skin softening tutorial. I have watched so many but
    not many give me the desired effect I am looking for. Especially when the
    person I am working on has very rough, gravely looking skin. Cheers!