Skin Retouching Tutorial in Photoshop CS5

In this tutorial I go over the technique I use to retouch skin in all of my photos. enjoy! Also we just directed a music video that debuted on MTV. If you ha…
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  1. Andro Moise

    You can easily do this using this technique *TrickPhotoEffects. com*

  2. ShubsAwesomeVideos

    Wow! its awesome!
    i just go a bit scared when the dubstep said ‘now now’ in the initial phase
    of the vid

  3. Rowdy Rajun Kajun

    Great technique but by copying that background so many times, didn’t you
    tremendously increase the file size?

  4. michael lee

    I have watched this 100 times and i cant get the high pass once i select
    overlay to apply at all. I also dont get the grey when painting on my layer
    mask. I am missing something??