Strobist 2 Light Setup – Off-Camera Flash Photography Tutorial – Self Portrait – CamCrunch

LIKE if you found this helpful! Subscribe for more, thanks! This is 2 light off camera flash self portrait tutorial. The photography equipment that I use in …

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  1. Andrew Vu

    Regarding the flash triggers: What’s the one on your camera? I see that you
    have 2 of them for your flashguns when they’re known to have only 2

  2. LostInNeverland

    I was wondering if you were a filipino on your previous video and you
    actually are!


    Heya Nico, love your vids, uhmm love the shirt! uhm are you a Filipino?
    Pinoy here.
    – Sorry, already answered :)

  4. tony chong

    My friend,
    Could you pls kindly share your experience on communicating with models and
    directing on posing models?


    : )

  5. Jao Misagal

    i noticed your shirt. Pinoy ka? I need your help man, im really trying to
    learn about flash photography. My location is USA.

  6. Nel Nieves

    I found your channel because of an HSS tutorial you did a while back. I was
    wondering what flash you use for high speed sync cause I’m on a budget and
    can’t afford $800+ for a brand speed light. Is there a way that I can get
    the same results of high speed sync without going over my sync speed? Cause
    the cheap off brand speed lights I find on Amazon won’t connect with my t3i
    for hss. Do you know of an off brand that will allow me to do hss with my
    canon? I really want to try the stuff you were teaching on that tutorial…
    thanks for your time. 

  7. bryan diaz

    i have a question im using the yougnou yn 560 ii on camera and the flash
    only fill about 3/4 of the frame the lower 1/3 is not exposed. is this
    normal ? im using a nikon d5100 and ive tried it originally with my 30mm
    and with my 50mm and still doesnt fill the frame the light is aimed as far
    down as it goes

  8. Angel R Medina

    I wish you can show in closed view how to change those flash settings but
    I’m learning new things with your videos.

  9. nicomambo3

    Goodness! I was correct! The first time I saw your video, which was today
    (lol), I said “this guy sound like a Filipino”. Well, I am too! And I am
    still an amateur when it comes to photography, and let me tell you this, I
    am proud of you, man!

  10. Amy n

    I’m going to try this but I need a camera first….I love Nikon. Can you
    please tell me what you would recommend for a DSLR? I love photography and
    want to try your tutorials, but want to make sure I’ll be able to get these
    amazing effects. You are an awesome teacher! :))

  11. Mixel85

    It would be cool if you show all the settings on the screen in all your
    videos… aperture, shutter speed, ISO… Thanx!