Strobist / Off-Camera Flash Photography Introduction – CamCrunch

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  1. Justin Pantaleon

    This was a good tutorial…i like how you put emphasis on what to do and
    what not to do. Appreciate it!!!! 

  2. Ale Bonilla

    You are very natural speaker and I am impressed with your knowledge at such
    a young age. The simplicity of your videos gives a real sense that anyone
    can do it with practice. thanks for the advice!

  3. Miguel Paredes

    Question, I am about to do a wedding on the beach around sunset what is the
    best setting you can recommend for a Canon 7D? I will be using a flash
    transmitter to control two flashes it’s my first sunset wedding so I am a
    little concerned. I had no idea it was going to be around sunset until two
    weeks after the contract was signed if i knew maybe would not have taken

  4. David Birkbeck

    Far to much verbal information , Boring ! would be better to show same
    results of what you talking about , Stop talking so much and repeating
    yourself ! 

  5. deeno184

    I just want to say that this was a excellent tutorial, it really helped
    alot. It was clear, concise, and very informative. For those that say they
    dont believe this was a tutorial for ‘beginners’ I believe if you got a
    better understanding of the key terms, you understand this a lot better.
    Once again, great tutorial and it was a great supplement as I am getting
    ready to go into off-camera flash photography.

  6. Voracious Vegan

    Absolutely the most concise explanation of how off-camera flash works for a
    layperson like me! Thank you for sharing your knowledge in such an
    easy-to-understand way!

  7. Alexandra Eukers

    I appreciate ur videos, u r a very intelligent, well spoken young man.
    However, I wud definitely NOT consider this a beginners video, as I am a
    beginner & I have not even the slightest clue as to what u r talking about.
    I find that w many of ur “beginner” videos actually. I would love it if u
    cud make sum true beginner videos discussing the best & easiest way to take
    just basic photographs. Please?! 🙂 thanks!

  8. Daniyal Khawar

    I’m dying to know about the name of the font in the thumbnail. Your’e reply
    would be highly appreciated 🙂

  9. Jared Davis

    I love your videos. They are so simple and easy to understand, you present
    it in a way that’s easy, simple and basic. Love them. Thank you for your
    hard work!

  10. CamCrunch

    If your’e going to be using the pop up flash, I believe you wont be able to
    go higher than 1/200th. If I remember correctly, you have to use a
    SB900/910 as a commander to be able to do the high speed sync with your CLS

  11. John Galang

    Heyy. Filipino here. (Same as you). Hehe. I bet it after watching a few of
    your other videos. Anyway. Pm Sent!

  12. Atiba Sonnebeyatta

    Good info…a bit too repetitive though. I dont mind long videos but kinda
    like to hear different info 🙂