Strobist technique, cross flash lighting the long version If you enjoy my videos please post them on your Facebook page and let others …
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  1. Isaiah Headen

    Thinking before you shoot gives you the ability to manipulate the light and
    colors on the fly. Learn the craft! #photographytips 

  2. Dombowerphoto

    @gilegraam when you zoom a flash it actually goes futher back in the flash
    so less chance of flash gel melting totally agree, doing a higher fnumber
    is better than faster than sync speed. wont do that again

  3. Dombowerphoto

    @PiercedCub32 that was my fav as well., ill make a new one of that in the
    future but with no mud on my head

  4. Akkordinator

    What camera are you using to film the movie? on your strap is written d300
    but of course that couldnt be..

  5. renatosamba

    hi Dom, so the advantages of using sb900 over a radio triggered system is
    that you can control TTL all flashes FROM the sb900? in this case would a
    TTL radio trigger be a better choice considering you are not limited by the
    direction of light beam and distance to comunicate with the slaves plus
    you’ll have another light available for the scene ? Just wondering where
    the money can be spent wisely…

  6. Fryer

    @Dombowerphoto oh btw have you seen this crazy old man? he pops out some
    gnarly images with 8 sb900s. just insane. and the range he gets with them,
    amazing. watch?v=cP6a47BQA70

  7. Shuttleworth68

    Great video Dom ! Can you tell me why you use the SB900 to trigger the
    other flashes rather than the cameras onboard flash and the built in CLS
    controller stuff. Is it just because you need the extra flash power when
    using it in daylight? Cheers!

  8. Dombowerphoto

    @edgrrr101 yes i am, check out my other videos about nikon cls, the pop up
    flash communicattes buy a series of pre flashes which are super fast that
    you dont see them

  9. David Portass

    this was brilliant, went out and gave it a go, even tried it with an orange
    grad on the camera with the sun setting which made the sky go an amazing
    deep orange commenting with links doesn’t seam to work here but is on my
    flickr under BigDaveUK next time i won’t use the tree in the background, it
    looks nice when zoomed out but not when cropped in just gutted that yet
    again derbyshire missed all the ruddy snow

  10. SoundsandImages

    It is kelvin. A measure of temperature.. where you 3000 – 5000 K it is

  11. global001

    Its quite exhausting watching you. I envy your energy levels! Love the blue
    effect from WB tungsten on the snow.