Tips for Journalists: How to Create Awesome Documentary Videos for Your Story

Learn more: One golden rule: You never have enough B-roll. The video clips and images featured in the video were produced by Pu…
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  1. Pierre Royal

    Excellent video, offers great tips for documentary journalists

  2. Open School

    Providing wonderful info to the journalists, this video shows how to make
    compelling documentaries / news stories. Easily labeled as a quintessential
    guide for the journalists, this is a must see video for those who involved
    in the business of mass media.

  3. Romana Campos

    Most useful and succint video I’ve watched on making documentary videos.
    Lots of information in 4 minutes!

  4. NeoMatudio

    People counts on you media people. We deserve to know the truth and nothing
    but the truth. So we expect that you take necessary training and be
    accountable to each report you make.

  5. John K Lindgren

    Excellent piece and good captions, too. Pulitzer quality! ‘Bangkok Johnny’
    aka Dr John CarSanook! Kingdom of Thailand

  6. Lisbon Ferrao

    I really enjoyed watching this video, in fact I watched it several time .
    Planing to make a documentary myself. Thank you for this video!