Use your Window as a White Backdrop – Off-Camera Flash/Strobist Photography Tutorial – CamCrunch

Equipment Used Yongnuo YN560 Flash:…

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  1. Angela Morgan

    I have a watched a few of your videos and I am really enjoying them. The
    only thing I ask is if you could speak slower, it is so hard to keep up
    with you sometimes and I have to keep replaying the video to catch up with
    what you said.

  2. OnlinePhotographyCourses

    Nice, interesting technique… I have been in the situation that I only had
    one flash/lighting source and I should have looked around for a better
    place to shoot like the window.

  3. Geoffrey Van Meirvenne

    Nice tutorial, keep doing these nice little tricks with minimal setup (1
    speedlight) as they are inspiring to see what you can do and learn as a
    starter with limited gear

  4. CamCrunch

    I haven’t seen his guide but I for the trailer it didn’t sound like there
    was any flash photography involved.

  5. jayvincent11

    Another great video! I’d like to ask what yongnuo are you using? Does it
    work wirelessly without using a transmitter? Sorry for the newbie question.

  6. pivotsweeter

    Set the cam at AV an sett spotmetering. And meter for the darker places in
    tha face. This will give the same result (ish), but you dont have to know
    too mutch about M- mode

  7. Robin Bebb

    Another great tutorial. Now I have my tripod I can try these things out as
    my family members are never that keen to take the time for me to setup and
    take shots like this.