Zack Arias Flash Photography – 5 Min Portrait I got to spend the day with Zack Arias when he held his OneLight workshop at my studio/apartment. What an am…
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  1. Neil Franklin

    Mr Polin please accept my sincere apologizes . I have just returned home
    from working abroad to find that not only yourself but Mr Dom Bower have
    been receiving stupid comments sent by my arsehole of a brother who has
    been house sitting for me ( the last time !! ) I am always on Youtube
    checking out videos to help my photography studies and found 6 shitty
    comments on my message page ! There is more I am sure but until they reply
    who knows … Once again I am so sorry ,your videos have taught me so much
    and I am very grateful . I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas
    Best regards Neil ( the real one ! )

  2. Neil Franklin

    Really enjoyed this video ..I tend to steer clear
    of Froknowsnothingaboutphotos videos .but saw that Zack Arias was on this
    one… he is well worth learning from 🙂 and was so nice to have Jarhead
    quiet for a change Cheers. :0

  3. Amalia Sina

    This is a great vídeo. I must learn how to do it with flashes. Please,
    where can I find the explanation how this was done?

  4. Davide Pochetti

    7:36 what is that black “glass” that zack has on the front flash? Thanks.

    Another question is.. to make the backgound look completely black, do I
    have to set f to 16 -22 ? or he has a fast shutter speed?
    Isn’t 1/200s the fastest shutter speed with a flash? 

  5. Eglė Rabbit

    these pictures are amazing! I’m a beginner, so can anyone tell me how does
    he do the really dark look on his pictures? they look incredible. is it the

  6. Fruitydc ri

    awesome unlike some geeks featured in youtube who just wants to get lucky
    and shoot females nude like that-name-guy etc

  7. Neil Franklin

    Benjamin Merry… Thats my opinion and when you enter the world of YouTube
    as jarhead did as a so called “expert” you will get viewers making comments
    just like your childish one..

  8. Gmen pg

    I kind of grew out of off camera flash. ill do months with it, then go
    months without. 

  9. Raj Karma

    he made it look so simple, and took some mind blowing pics in 5 minutes..

  10. hankypanky4u

    Am I the only one that felt that him tossing the pick that short handed
    seemed degrading? 

  11. EnigmaPhi23

    It is a good learning experiencing seeing a pro setup his lighting. Much
    appreciated, especially considering it was late into the night for the both
    of you.

  12. Liehsc

    How do you get the background black outed when shooting against a white

  13. YoSee Gamzoo Letova

    the pocket wizard receivers an transmitters should be upright
    and not lying down in order to work better 🙂